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Moriarty runs a refugee camp. It’s a city of troubled people growing like a tumour and it’s 24/7. Shedloads of food, water and excrement, the thievery, threats and protests, aggrieved co-workers, a hostile press, young girls sold into sexual slavery . . .  With his gift of the gab and wry sense of humour he can tough that out. The nightmare which stalks his soul is the spectre of ineradicable guilt.


This production supports WarChild charity.


Guest Blog:  Can theatre ever be up to date?

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Warehouse of Dreams

By Chuck Anderson

Copyright, all rights reserved 2014                                  

"A tightly written exploration of the troubling world of refugee camps"


Time Out

"Phillips always has a knack for dialogue heavy scripts, driving it forward with a pace that always feels natural"


"Warehouse of Dreams deserves to run for much longer than four weeks"

Richard Poole

(Ex UNHCR Officer)

"An engaging cast present a powerful story"

The Stage

"I urge you to see this play"

"Dan Phillips’s directing lift this play towards a thought-provoking analysis of altruism and humanity"

Camden Review

Camden Review

Copyright, all rights reserved ©2016